EKsL and LKF

Estonian Insurance Association (EKsL) is an organisation which unites all the insurance companies and branches of foreign insurance companies permanently operating in Estonia.
EKsL is aimed to represent the common interests of its members in promoting the insurance industry and the social and economic environment of the entire country.

The Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund (LKF) is a traffic insurance guarantee fund, compensatory institution and the Estonian Green Card bureau. The LKF is established pursuant to the Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Act for the purpose of securing the functioning of the traffic insurance system.
All insurance providers providing traffic insurance in Estonia are members of the LKF.

EKsL and LKF operate jointly.


Mustamäe tee 46 (A-corpus) , Tallinn 10621
Phone 667 1800
e-mail lkf@lkf.ee, info@eksl.ee